A #1 book on how to raise and teach children with virtues is a real asset for parents, caregivers, and teachers.  It uses fun loving Virtuepops to describe virtues and their characteristics. Believing B is faith; Sharing Stephen is charity; Persevering Philip is courage; Patient Peter is patience; Loving Lucy is love; Respectful Ruth is respect, Humble Helena is humility; Truthful Therese is truth.  ​My fun Virtuepops book IS the best “self-help” how-to for happy, virtuous, & love-filled living; packed with good moral education, parent/teacher test, uplifting poetry, songs, coloring pages, an exciting fantasy story, and games with life-changing lessons for children & adults. LOVE IS A UNIVERSAL LANGUAGE, AND THE UNIVERSAL LANGUAGE OF LOVE IS VIRTUES. Live and love out loud the virtues!  Be a Pop! ENJOY THE FOLLOWING INTRODUCTION TO MY FIRST FIVE PUBLISHED BOOKS. THREE MORE EXCITING BOOKS DETAILING THE SURPRISE "VIRTUEPOPS CREATION" WILL POP IN THE FUTURE. 

​“There is a selection of useful test questions and answers for parents and teachers. Informative and straightforward, the unique book will inspire readers of all ages.” – New York Times

INTRODUCTION TO VIRTUEPOPS EIGHT SERIES BOOKS -- MY HEART’S DEDICATION & PASSION​Virtuepops Adventures in Virtueland vividly targets the importance of educating children and adults, at any age, to practice moral virtuous living in fun creative ways.  It vibrates the senses of joyful virtue that hold hands with clear lessons on teaching virtues.  It harmoniously blossoms splendid poems, and interactive songs and games.  The 52 chapter fantasy story brings teaching and 3D creativity to the highest visual level.  56 future children’s story books heartily teach more about the Virtuepops' trade, from foreign languages to mathematics.  Virtuepops Paradise Animals A to M and Virtuepops Paradise Animals N to Zare the 2nd and 3rd books that spotlight the suffering needs of our aging population.  Their subtitles explain it all:  Self Help for Happy Moral Living.  A to M and N to Z virtues are excellently exemplified alongside sensational stories that explode with passion, empathy, and life changing enlightenments.  My 4th book, Virtuepops Paradise Animals Activity Book (games, quotes, poems, animal’s and ABC coloring pages) nurtures the need to help the elderly, starting at a very young age, in fun interactive manners. My 5th book Virtuepops Fantasy Creation:  The President’s Victor—After the End explodes with an opening dooms day shock.  Yet, unspeakable joyful peace follows, leading to a fantastical mystical story one can truly hope for, and dream of.  My 6th and 7th books, Virtuepops Creation A to M—The Real Moral Truths, and Virtuepops Creation N to Z—The Real Moral Truths, reveal the thrilling creation of Virtuepops, Virtueland, the adorable Virtuepops animals, and much more.  It encompasses surprise after surprise!!!  My 8th book, Virtuepops Creation Activity Book gives my reader the chance to color black and white illustrations from the colored pages in my Creation books.  My books are guiding tools that open the treasured toolbox of your heart and mind.  I happily hope you thirst for the power of knowledge, to use the victorious virtues in excellent heartfelt manners.  Your emotions run high as you cry, laugh, rejoice, and be moved to take action.  Movies, cartoons, children’s books, foods, toys, clothing, games, jewelry, and other grand accessories, PLUS a super big Virtueland Park, and restaurant, are in delightful planning stages.  I sincerely wish, and hope that my delightfully informative, and captivating, books will be treasured CLASSICS among virtue themed historical literature.

Chapter 4--Meet the Virtuepops--Truthful Therese
   The last little one, pentagon-shaped head, popped out of a purple grape fruit tree.  Her pentagon-shaped head had five beautiful sides.  She had an endearing, friendly face, pretty brown eyes, and shiny light black hair.  She wore a purple tiara that held sparkling, purple quartz.  A very light purple veil flowed gracefully over her hair and forehead.  She wore a gorgeous, purple dress with glamorous matching shoes.  There were also shiny purple quartz gemstones on her shoes, bracelet, ring and dress.  She held a shiny, golden colored book that had all the gemstones of the King’s golden, jeweled crown on it.  She also held a golden justice scale that had a shimmering purple quartz gemstone, too.  Her frame was also sitting on a brown lollipop stick, but, then, the stick magically disappeared.  Truthful Therese spoke her name in a diplomatic, but kind, gracious way.  Suddenly, her pretty light purple veil began to softly wave, and she rose up in the air.  The book’s pages began turning, and the justice scale in her left hand swayed gently.  Then all motions stopped, and she drifted slowly back down to the tree.  All of the little ones had popped out of their trees, and were standing in a circle around the pond.  Then, then they began laughing, and chuckling, and giggling, in such a gleeful happy way, that me and my nephews nearly fell off the couch we were laughing so hard.

Chapter 9--Loving Lucy Tames Hateful Hal
   Loving Lucy looked very sincere when she told us we had to watch out for the dreaded Hateful Hal, because he came near Virtueland to act in hateful ways.  She showed us a picture of Hateful Hal, and he was an upside down black heart with an upside down red mouth.  He also had a black nose that could hear words and noise.  She told us he walked on his hands, and could go super speeds when he is trying to spread hate.  Then, words came out of the picture that spoke in a deep, low voice:  “I’m Hateful Hal, and I talk trouble.”  The next thing we knew, he jumped out of the picture, and was running on his hands shouting, “Ugly ugly, mean, mean, that is what I am being.”  Then, the mighty King and his glorious spirit bird swooped down around the two characters.  King bravely shouted, “I am your King with my spirit bird coming to help you.”  At that moment, he waved his strong arms, and rainbow colors came swirling out of the big sparkling diamond on his golden jeweled crown.  The brilliant colors swirled right into Hateful Hal, and also into Loving Lucy’s heart.  The King and spirit bird flew back into the distance, and slowly disappeared.  Lucy’s ears expanded and she stretched her arms to gently catch Hateful Hal, as he was running around saying bad things.  She picked him up, and began confidently singing, “You will speak love that is sent from above.”  Then, came a popping sound, and Hateful Hal disappeared.  Loving Lucy did a fabulous job of taming Hateful Hal.  My super terrific nephews and I, the best Uncle Steveo, cheerfully shouted out angelic cheers for Lucy!!!



Popsy wopsy bee buzz
     Buzz, buzz, and buzz.
Twirtie birdie tweetie

     Tweet, tweet, and tweet.
They believe in building safe and loving nests and homes for their young.
     I have a home where I belong.  Would you like to know?
We will be taking turns in making sounds.
     It could be a birdie that flies, a creature from the sea, or on the ground.
Then, tell us about your home where you live, and your heart abounds.

PARENT/TEACHER NOTES:  Each child makes a sound of an animal, and each child tells a short story about their home.  This can give a good clue if the home is a safe and loving environment.  It can also be used as an introduction poem by allowing each child to state their name.  Hats, costumes, or art can be blended into theme.

Believing B represents temperance because of his faith in practicing self-control, abstinence, and moderation for himself, and others.  Temperance may be defined as the righteous habit, which makes a person control the natural appetite for pleasures of the senses.  It also embraces the need to follow the rules and laws that promote a safe, healthy and loving environment.  Encourage your child/student to embrace, and believe, the rules and laws that give strength in forgiveness, mercy, humility, modesty, and self-control; to temper their thoughts and actions.  This will strengthen their character to avoid the excesses that would create a life of unhappiness.  If you want to help your child/student have strengths to be a law-abiding human being, in a world where life is NOT lived an eye for an eye, then you must model the self-control, the foresight, the servant leadership, and the forgiveness we seek in the world.  Therefore, the purpose of Believing B is not only temperance, but to teach how to have faith to believe in oneself and others.  He gives faith to have the ability to follow the laws that govern good human nature.  Believing B’s character also highlights the importance of exercise, and personal hygiene, to aid your child/student in staying physically fit, and physically healthy.  He also teaches about the many spectacular sports in our big, wide world.

​HOW TO TEACH AND PRACTICE THE VIRTUES​Highlighted in this educational section are Virtuetime meetings, how to get started by creating a warm, comfortable atmosphere, giving a learning time signal for introduction, and giving clear rules. EXCERPT: GIVE CLEAR RULES FOR THE FAMILY,GROUP, or CLASSROOM MEETINGS: Of course, you may choose your own rules for the group, but the following rules are an example if you wish to use them. 1. We will take turns in sharing our thoughts and actions. 2. We will show courtesy in speaking our virtue thoughts without anger. 3. We will respect one another, in silence, without teasing, interrupting and criticism. 4. We will have trust in our group that certain thoughts or feelings will stay private. 5. We will try our best to share the good virtues with others. ​MAKE IT FUN WITH INTERACTIVE POEMS/SONGS/GAMES: Each poem from each individual Virtuepops character has a different purpose in relating to the virtues, and can be used with one or more children. I hope you have lots of fun teaching our precious children our honored virtues, and thank you for sharing with those you love. Also, please note that the poems context is geared toward the younger child. You may adapt the context for older children. PLEASE ENJOY THE FOLLOWING EXCERPT FROM BELIEVING B'S REPRESENTATION AND HIS TEACHING LESSON. © All rights reserved.