SECTION FOUR: Heroic high fantasy Section Four floodlights 13 exciting stories that range from action, comedy, drama, culture, family, health, war, historical, musical, mystery, romance, spirituality, thriller, and western. Human and fantasy characters interrelate.  Paradise Animals and cloud helpers rescue humans from their aging hardships. Good lives on clouds of faith, hope, and love, who relieve humans from their sufferings. Bad lives on clouds of dark evil that send pain to earthly creatures, and things. The stories help us believe that after the storm, sunshine returns to restore health, peace, and joy.  Each story is movie rated, and theme songs assigned.  Section Four is the voices in my “fantasy stories" to contemplate how each story may relate to yourself, or someone else you know.  Let your heart melt with empathy, let your mind flame with desire, and let your actions eternally burn with desire to make life easier for the aging.  Although my fantastic stories are fictional, they carry real life theories, and circumstantial themes.  Superior virtues radiate all throughout my fantastic stories.  My heartfelt stories are sensationally short, magnificently medium, or lavishly long.  Just like how all of us are majestically different, and sing different tunes to different songs.  Breathe in my stories like you should breathe in life, with the oxygen of valiant virtue!  Thank you for reading my kaleidoscope of classic stories, my loyal kind reader.  They happily pop in alphabetical order.
Accepting Alligator’s drama “Fishing for Attention” sets in 2013 in small town Agree, Arizona.  It's about 75 yr. old talkative Albert, and 58 yr. old best friend Delores.  His scary rage fits jeopardize their friendship.  After a big fit, he leaves and stares at his artwork and supplies.  They both put loving time into doing for others, and feel unappreciated.  Albert threw fits, and Delores cries.  YET....   The story is rated G, and theme songs are “I Don’t Want to Accept That”, and “Alone in a Dream.”
Blessings Bear’s family story “Rosebuds of Blessings” sets in 2009 in Blessings, Virginia.  It is about two friends, Kay and Lena (both early 50’s), re-unite (since high school) at a ballroom dance class.  Kay is alone in a dirty apartment, and has mental disabilities.  Lena is alone in her cozy home, but gives time, energy, and love to her big family.  Her frail aging body barely survives cleaning and back-breaking work.  After 6 years of Kay’s stubborn lazy residence at Lena’s home, the friendship is threatened.  Lena breaks up with fiancée, Jokeen, who caused heartbreak for both women.  Lena wants to die.  YET.....    The story is rated G, and theme songs are “Beloved” and “Blessings.”
Clean Camel’s comedy romance “Curious Carl’s Calamity” sets in modern day in the palm tree lined city of Sunny, California.  It’s about motherless, dirty, and middle age Carl who falls in love with motherly, clean, and middle age Charlotte.  Carl is the handsome black spider that captures her in his dark spider web of alcohol, cursing, and negative advances.  For being older, Charlotte was gorgeous, inside and out.  Yet, she felt like a plain Jane.  In her mind she justified loving Carl as a plain Joe, dirt and all.  On their rainy day breakup, her weakness, both physical and mental, caused her collapse.  Her tears puddled in her comfy chair pillows.  She cried, “I will never marry.  I will grow old alone.  I’m that burnt out candle, a wasted, wicked, weak, wrecked butterfly with broken wings.  I failed making Carl an honest clean Christian."  YET....    The story is rated PG, and theme songs are “Clean Instrumental” and “Some Days are Diamonds.”
Discipline Donkey’s romance health story “Self Controlling Stars” entails disciplined, pretty Dede McBride and her life-long rebellious friend Ruby, who both grew up at the orphanage.  In 2007, their early fifties, they move to Texas, and get jobs at the Dynasty of Stars Museum, and meet handsome boss Mr. Daniel Dominic.  A love triangle develops between the three.  Ruby bombards Daniel with extreme partying, cheating, and she dies in an alcohol related accident.  Dede moves to the beach and meets parental Donita and Don.  Dede hides her love for Daniel in alcohol.  The ocean whispers death, YET.....    The story is rated PG and theme songs are “Dreams” and “Stars Dance.”
Empathy Elephant’s modern day drama “Empathy on Empty” sets in Sharing, South Dakota.  This heart-wrenching story reveals the challenges caregiver Georgia faces with disabled unhealthy Holly.  After years of unappreciated care, Georgia’s endless energetic vehicle becomes a tank of empathy on empty.  Her weak, worn out, and aging body was failing. YET.....   The story is rated PG and theme songs are “The Weakness that Leads to Strength”, and “Understanding.”
Forgiving Frog’s action drama “I’m Sorry, Frank” sets in Sunny, California around 2010.  It is about a drug dealing, alcoholic, and pirating crew that almost destroys wealthy architectural Frank.  Handsome Frank’s loving mother Franchesca’s peaceful life in Italy takes a turn for the worse, as she, and his brothers try to save him from bad women, bad friends, and a wrecked life.  In his waters of depression, his caring mother witnessed him lose everything.  Frank was close to death from his oceanic boating accident.  YET.....    The story is rated PG-13 and theme songs are “I’m Sorry” and “Flew."
 Good Giraffe’s cultural drama “Mirrored Reflections” begins 7/17/1917.  It is about China dancing doll Iwanda Ings, and how her village suffered torturous rule under Prince Wang Lu’s leadership.  Her mom, Long, and her pops, Lang, and villagers, lost homes, loved ones, and nearly died of starvation.  Some had to journey treacherous mountains to pay taxes. The persecution, evil, and violence attacked their village even harder.  The theme reflects Iwanda’s courage under fire.  Great White Mountain trembled.  YET.....    The story is rated PG and theme songs are “Snow Mountain” and “A Beautiful Chinese.​

​​    Helpful Hippo’s family drama “Happy Hands Help” is set in modern day Ireland.  Love is broken between Bridgetta McBrown and her helpful, but fatherless, son Briant McBrown.  The theme reflects how abandoned grandmothers suffer.  Severe conflict arises in his high school senior year, when cold-hearted Brona Germaine, becomes pregnant, they marry, move away, and have more children.  Bridgetta is pushed away and forgotten.  Alcohol causes her fall from the tall cliff into deep ocean waters.  YET.....   The story is rated PG, and theme songs are “An Irish Blessing” and “You Raise Me Up.”
Ideal Iguana’s Indian war story "Ideal Glory"is set in the Colorado Mountains, and is told by funny Chief Glory, whose Cherokay people suffer injustice and violence.  In the early 20th century, his warrior grandson, Joseph saves his village, and country, from government religious persecution. The story reflects mother Deandra, and her loyal friend, Kateri, their aging suffering, and survival of war.  Josephine is the loyal waiting wife.  After many years of warring government, Joseph emotionally breaks down.  YET.....    The story is rated PG and the theme songs are “Swan Lake” and “Spirit of Nature.”
Joyful Jaguar’s modern day, mysterious, and spiritual storytitled “Jewel’s Joy” sets in Ireland and New York.  Four yr. old visionary Jewel plays with mammy and a secret angel in her Irish castle.  Mr. Mighty Hat Johnny takes her to New York, becomes her adoptive father, and driver. Her colored, Christian, and back woods family shelter her.  At 21, her “unknown” money funds a fine school/ orphanage, Miss Daisy’s Paradise.  Her handsome Irish assistant Gerald McJoy secretly loves her.  The government refuses the Christian school money grants.  The school closes, and children are separated.  Daisy’s tears, and thoughts of insanity, exhausts her into deep sleep.  YET.....    The story is rated PG and theme songs are “The Voice” and “Visions.”
 Kind Kangaroos’s modern day comedy/romance “Kiss Me With Kindness” travels the coasts of Lake Michigan, India, and Hawaii.  Materialistic Mr. Kedosa Kadeen, owner of Trusting Toys becomes friends with old-fashioned Mr. Kenneth Kragers, owner of King’s Kind Kaleidoscopes.  Ked’s millionaire son, Karlford lives in sunny Hawaii.  Love blossoms when he meets Ken’s daughter, Kateri, known as Queen of Charity in her India homeland.  Conflict arises when she suspects Karl stole her dating website name.  YET.....     The story is rated PG and theme songs are “Your Kindness” and “First Love.”
Loyal Lamb’s spiritual drama story “Loyal from Somewhere” begins in Mississippi and ends in Minnesota.  Its theme encircles physical, mental, and emotional abuse suffered by Marissa and her mother from her alcoholic father, Jesse, after he is released from military prison in the early 50’s.  The story reflects how that abuse affects her entire life.  Her mother divorces Jesse, leaves a money wealthy life, and the family enters the world of poverty.  Over 40 years, Marissa suffers repeated abandonment.  She barely survives two abusive husbands, five broken engagements, and thousands of heartbreaking dates.  YET.....   The story is rated PG-13 and theme songs are “Return to Paradise” and “Somewhere in a Hidden Memory.”
Modest Monkey’s spiritual drama “Modesty Gone Mad” sets in a modern day town called Decenti, Massachusetts.  Its theme cradles lifelong battles that Angel’s heart faces searching for love, when her mind is hypnotized by the immodest modern world.  Crushed, at 23, from her “first love” breakup, Angel’s future is the conflicting roller coaster ride decency.  Bad decisions about men and marriage arise.    YET.....    The story is rated PG-13 and theme songs are “Of Passion and Peace” and “Angel.”

 DEDICATION: I lovingly dedicate this treasured book to all the elderly people in our big wide world that suffer in one way or another. I graciously promise to dedicate my time to protect their human rights, and to take quick action to keep them safe. I dedicate my goals to do my very best to make everyone heartily aware of how  gravely important it is to take care of our elderly.  Because, after all, everyone is already on the journey there. Along the way, beginning at a very young age, all should be taught to respect the aging, and joyfully help in any way to make their life easier. I welcome you to adopt my dedication. I lovingly dedicate this book to my precious sons and, their cherished mates, whom I love dearly. So, they may faithfully look forward to a happy secure future as they honorably age. I lovingly dedicate this book to my beloved grandchildren whom I love dearly. For goodness sakes, Grandma will do nearly everything in her dedicated power to work hard for the elderly rights. So, that as they graciously age, and become elderly, my sweet grandchildren, and all the little children of our world, will have a happy, secure, safe, and well preserved future. I lovingly thank my sons for their support in a million ways. I dedicate kind hope that my book of virtues, joyfully relays the message of disciplined acceptance. I dedicate my faith that the young graciously accept the responsibility of caring for the elderly. I dedicate my faith that the elderly graciously accept their stage in life, and greet it with joy, fresh renewal, boosted strength, and treasured peace. © All rights reserved.



     My precious virtues book, Virtuepops Paradise Animals A to M, is like the beautiful rainbow over bountiful clouds.  It’s all about saving our fragile aging and elderly population.  My book suggests you gaze at the puffy clouds, and imagine human faces, creatures, or private paradise.  Clouds are like life; in one day carving warmth, beauty, and light, but the next carving cold, pain, and dark. Paradise Animals live in puffy white clouds, and help us believe that after the storm, sunshine returns to restore health, peace, and joy.  The purpose is to kindly teach the young to accept caring for the aging elderly, and for the aging elderly to accept their stage in life with renewed peace and joy.  Even in a dark cloud of life, a golden lining sprinkles promising raindrops of hopeful virtue for a new, bright sunshiny day.  My book signals both young and old to hold hands with virtues from A to M, which actually is priceless for both.

    CREATIVE NON-FICTION SECTION ONE  defines virtue’s impact on our aging population, and how morals, values, and virtues relate to assist them.  A large gap exists on what seniors need to live versus what they receive.  They get lost in poverty and neglect, and are prone to fraud, physical and mental abuse.  It states the needless neglect and suffering can be remedied when people explore the significance of FREE virtues.  It inspires help for seniors with love, understanding, a friendly face, neighborly, and community help.  Our ancestors’ ability to cope and live a long life was aided by practicing the good old fashioned virtues, and living in peaceful unity.  Section Two creates reader friendly ways to daily practice, and model, virtuous living all for one. 

    SECTION TWO radiates the first 13 Paradise Animals and their virtue.  For instance:  Accepting Alligator represents acceptance which allows us to bend without breaking in the face of trials and suffering.  Bad acceptance entails who, or what, is harmful to us in any arena.  He opens our minds to the VIP place and time to improve, and perfect, by changing rules and laws that promote a safe, healthy, and loving world.  His angelic cloud, Adore, raindrops peace and joy.  The Paradise offers a life of appreciation, and anointing peace.  Amazing abalone jeweled activities appear in my third book Virtuepops Paradise Animals Activity Book.  Overall, Section Two describes each adorable animal’s treasure box ideas and jewels of wisdom.  Formatted like alligator, each animal gives different unique information.  You joyfully meet:  Accepting Alligator, Blessings Bear, Clean Camel, Discipline Donkey, Empathy Elephant, Forgiving Frog, Good Giraffe, Helpful Hippo, Ideal Iguana, Joyful Jaguar, Kind Kangaroo, Loyal Lamb, and Modest Monkey. 

    SECTION THREE highlights Virtuetime ideas on how to help and improve life for our 50 plus people.   Whether a doctor, caregiver, president, janitor, parent, or a simple gardener, we walk the same earth.  No one can stop aging.  Peaceful unity blossoms from reform, and change.  A child says, “Hop and skip to the beat of Virtuepops virtues.”  See through a child’s eyes.  Picture a flower garden, dancing butterflies, a soft waterfall, or a lovely beach.  Seek beauty with an open hand and a loving heart, and you learn to love.  Let the children, and elderly count on you. “Get the engine started” by being a good role model.  Start your day by taking a long stretch, think happy thoughts, and give thanks for what you have.  Daily model virtues.  Repeat before bed.  Happy dreams pop enthusiasm for  Virtuetime meetings, rewards, rules, and ridding negative thoughts.  Section Three motivates one to focus positive thoughts and actions on only living a moral, decent, and virtuous joy filled peaceful life.