HEROIC HIGH FANTASY SECTION FOUR floodlights 13 exciting stories that range from action, comedy, drama, culture, family, health, war, historical, musical, mystery, romance, spirituality, thriller, and western.  Human and fantasy characters interrelate.  Paradise Animals and cloud helpers rescue humans from their aging hardships.  Good lives on clouds of faith, hope, and love, who relieve humans from their sufferings   Bad lives on clouds of dark evil that send pain to earthly creatures, and things.  The stories help us believe that after the storm, sunshine returns to restore health, peace, and joy.  Each story is movie rated, and theme songs assigned.  My heartfelt stories are sensationally short, magnificently medium, or lavishly long.  Just like how all of us are majestically different, and sing different tunes to different songs.  Breathe in my stories like you should breathe in life, with the oxygen of valiant virtue! They happily pop in alphabetical order. 

     Nice Nightingale’s mystery drama “A Nest of Nice” sets near Alaskan coastlines in modern time.  Grand Alaska’s Park is the new home for kind wealthy lady Norella who awakes in the park gazebo with no memory.  Homeless, she entertains crowds with her friendly nightingales.  She befriends Nore and his street gang who give her shelter in an abandoned coastal warehouse.  Miss Paris is discovered as the rich kidnapped victim caged at a warehouse close by.  Norella prays for help, cries, and then dreams of Christmas.   YET.....   The story is rated PG-13 and theme songs are “Never Forgotten” and “Birds of Paradise.”
Obedient Octopus’ comedy story “Oscar Wins” cradles Oscar For Friendly, born 4/4/44 in Friendly, Florida.  Mom, Foreska, dad Forest, and 44 townspeople were his world.  Until Mr. Razzle Dazzle bought up their town and homes.  At age 4, Oscar wished to meet, and wrestle an alligator, have a white pony, and write like crazy.  In his hippie day travels, he falls in love with pretty Snowy dancer.  He returns home, lost his folks, his gator business, and thought he lost his writings.   YET.....    The story is rated PG-13 and theme songs are “Dance of the Clouds” and “Haven’t Met You Yet.”
 Peaceful Penguins’s romantic comedy “Peaceful Poverty” sets in modern day along South Carolina shores.  The theme reflects 92 year old Pete Patrick recollecting his past as a well groomed boy whose father taught him atheism and psychology of brain functions.  But, not about love and family like his best friend Pedro.  Love blossoms between Peachy (the poor pie lady), they marry, Peach’s Pies gives him more than money, but his loyalty to “father’s” psychology causes his failure as husband and stepfather.     YET.....    The story is rated PG-13 and theme songs are “Peace Within” and “Divine Intervention.”
Quiet Quail’s modern day drama “Quilts of Quiet” revolves around aging frail Quebe’s conflicting thoughts of self-preservation, while slaving to serve her treasure chest of loved ones and friends.  In her small midwest hometown, she thirsts for quiet, and hungers for peace.  After loyally serving dinner for dear friends, she falls asleep during their movie.  Quiet Quail invades her with nightmares how his spirit caused much turbulence in Quebe’s life.  YET.....   The story is rated PG-13 and theme songs are “Sweet Hour of Prayer” and “Quiet Storms.”

​   Responsible Rooster’s comedy drama “Responsible for Beauty” entails curly haired Henrico, born 4/14/1504.  At age two, he lipstick-paints flowers on mama Helicia’s bath walls.  They awake, and floral aromas cover the Italian village of Rango.  Helicia’s friend Raphael takes Henrico under his wings, and all their lives he protects him.  Whatever he paints, his surroundings prosper.  If he paints fish, the fish industry grows.  No matter the subject, profit and beauty breathe.  After his 21st birthday Raphael and Helicia marry.  Conflict develops in Florence while Henrico’s friend, Michelangelo, shares art studios.  YET.....    The story is rated PG and theme songs are “Gardens of the Sun” and “Prayer.”
Sincere Seahorse’s sad drama “Sincerity Flies Away” sobs Sarah’s neglect from her wealthy, unfaithful, New York living husband.  Her lovely daughters move far away. Deserted on her 75th birthday in big city San Francisco, she blew out her cupcake candle, felt close to madness, and darkness closed in.  YET.....     The story is rated PG-13 and theme songs are “Lost in Paradise” and “Seapeace.
Trusting Turtle’s heroic action drama “Tapestry of Trust” themes mama Teresa’s lifelong (now 75 yrs. old) sorrowful worry for her sons and grandchildren.  In 2013 son, Dodger Duane, firefighter pilot, flies HC-130H Hercules plane over smoking mounts of Tennessee.  This time, would he return to his family in coastal Trinidad, California?  While daddy/grandpa fought flames of toxic fire, his family’s knees kissed the floor.   YET.....     The story is rated PG-13 and theme songs are “Moonlight” and “I Will Always Love You.”
United Unicorn’s modern day western, and war captive, drama “United Sacred Hearts” themes the unbreakable bond between prayerful mother, Ursula, and loving son, Lucky Luke.  Their peaceful life under Grandpa Underwood’s ranch home’s roof is disturbed, when Middle East War draws Luke and friend, Indian Usee, to serve.  They leave their valley in the rugged Wind River Mountain Range in Wyoming.  Both are taken captive.   YET.....     The story is rated PG-13 and theme songs are “Stephen’s Dreams” and “Fur Elise.”
Victorious (Velo) Velocriptor’s modern day thriller “The President’s Victor” girds one multi-phobic demon-marked man---tribal boy Victar, pirating Victer, prisoned Victur, and adopted Victor.  The story travels the tribal island of Cayo Coco, pirating Caribbean Seas, Cuba, Venezuela, and to Miami, where kind Mrs. Victoria and husband Senator Vincent Evanston adopt Victor for residence in their estate shelter for orphaned immigrants.   YET.....   The story is rated R and theme songs are “The Ancient of Days” and “The Voice.”      PLEASE NOTE:  THIS STORY IS ACTUALLY PART ONE.  PART TWO OF THIS STORY IS MY 5TH BOOK TITLED "THE PRESIDENT'S VICTOR--AFTER THE END"

   Wise Wolf'’s drama “Write and Wear” begins in Manhattan Hospital where long curly red haired Willow K. White, (born 3/13/40) top glamour model in the world, had fallen on the New York runway, and lapsed into a coma.  The story cradles her memories of childhood on Western Samoa’s tropical coastline with mother Winter, grandpa Fred, and best friend Westlee (bewitched None’s son) where modest wearing of sarongs was wise.  Unlike None’s fashion models that wore sarongs, and other clothing, very inappropriately.  Today, (in and out of reality) she heard doctors one minute, and her family the next.  She had accepted the $200,000.00 job to help publish her writings and to help her Samoan Island church, school, and village.  In almost every country, she saw men chase, kiss, and undress her.  High pressures of fashion work weakens her to drugs and alcohol.     YET.....     The story is rated PG-13 and theme songs are “The Waltz of Whispers” and “African Queen.”
 Excellent Ant’s 18th century twist and turn cultural drama “His Excellency” begins with Ireland’s persecution by mad man His Ex.  Roseanna is forced to marry him to stop the terror.  Her daughter Xmas had been sold.  She left her Irish family, Sir Kev, who shelters her adoptive daughter, Star and children.  Sir Kev, plays Lette chauffeur to protect her.  Irish family Sir Philip, Sir Stephen, and Sir Bradley kept watch, too.   YET.....    The story is rated R and theme songs are “Sanctuary” and “Sound of an Angel.”
Yes Yak’s combo documentary and musical mystery “He Said Yes” involves gorgeous Gaylanda and her lifelong search to find a good husband and good father to her sons.  Conflict is frequent as modern day music and dress “trash” her world.  She says yes to her purity, and one cowboy named Yanni respects that.  In her sixties, she marries him.   YET.....       The story is rated R and theme songs are “The Power of Love” and “Aun Existe Amor."​

​​    Zebra Zeal’s zany stories among stories “Zeal Appeal” begins with Zebra narrating about all the Paradise Animals, Virtuepops, Virtueland characters, many human characters, and the grand parade to take place in the giant circus tent.  Poems, songs, and dance accompany sections throughout, as author Miss Frances Angelina adds her own sentiment.  This story should be titled the never ending stories!  The last story titled "Zed's Ocean Mirrors" is about a Prince Zed who had never laughed in his life.  Parents Queen Zesty and King Zany try every hilarious stunt to even get a smile.  He meets Zelinda, who lives deep in the tropical forest.   YET.....    The story is rated G and theme songs are “Hallelujah” and “You are Loved.”

 DEDICATION: I lovingly dedicate this treasured book to all the elderly people in our big wide world that suffer in one way   or  another.  I graciously promise to dedicate my time to protect their human rights, and to take quick   action to keep them safe.  I dedicate my goals to do my very best to make everyone heartily aware of how   gravely important it is to take care of our elderly.  Because, after all, everyone is already on the journey   there.  Along the way, beginning at a very young age, all should be taught to respect the aging, and joyfully   help in any way to make their life easier.  I welcome you to adopt my dedication.  I lovingly dedicate this   book to my precious sons and, their cherished mates, whom I love dearly.  So, they may faithfully look   forward to a happy secure future as they honorably age.  I lovingly   dedicate this book to my beloved   grandchildren whom I love dearly.  For goodness sakes, Grandma will do nearly  everything in her   dedicated power to work hard for the elderly rights.  So, that as they graciously age, and become  elderly,   my sweet grandchildren, and all the little children of our world, will have a happy, secure, safe, and well   preserved future.  I lovingly thank my sons for their support in a million ways. I dedicate kind hope that my   book of   virtues,  joyfully relays the message of disciplined acceptance.  I dedicate my faith that the young   graciously accept the responsibility of caring for the elderly.  I dedicate my faith that the elderly graciously   accept their stage in life,  and greet it with joy, fresh renewal, boosted strength, and treasured peace.

    My precious virtues book, Virtuepops Paradise Animals N to Z,is like the beautiful rainbow over bountiful clouds.  It’s all about saving our fragile aging and elderly population.  My book suggests you gaze at the puffy clouds, and imagine human faces, creatures, or private paradise.  Clouds are like life; in one day carving warmth, beauty, and light, but the next carving cold, pain, and dark.  Paradise Animals live in puffy white clouds, and help us believe that after the storm, sunshine returns to restore health, peace, and joy.  The purpose is to kindly teach the young to accept caring for the aging elderly, and for the aging elderly to accept their stage in life with renewed peace and joy.  Even in a dark cloud of life, a golden lining sprinkles promising raindrops of hopeful virtue for a new, bright sunshiny day.  My book signals both young and old to hold hands with virtues from N to Z, which actually is priceless for both.

   CREATIVE NON-FICTION SECTION ONE defines virtue’s impact on our aging population, and how morals, values, and virtues relate to assist them.  A large gap exists on what seniors need to live versus what they receive.  They get lost in poverty and neglect, and are prone to fraud, physical and mental abuse.  It states the needless neglect and suffering can be remedied when people explore the significance of FREE virtues.  It inspires help for seniors with love, understanding, a friendly face, neighborly, and community help.  Our ancestors’ ability to cope and live a long life was aided by practicing the good old fashioned virtues, and living in peaceful unity.  Section One creates reader friendly ways to daily practice, and model, virtuous living all for one. 

   SECTION TWO radiates the last 13 Paradise Animals and their virtue.  For instance:  Peaceful Penguin represents peace to carry in our hearts and minds, and between individuals and nations.  My Food Octagon illustrates the importance of eating healthy to achieve picture perfect health.  Peace embraces the need to accept or change the laws that promote a peaceful harmonious society.  Pile some peace on your plate today, and comfort will tickle your palate.  Tie a yellow ribbon around your pillared tree of promising peace.  Formatted like penguin, each animal gives unique information.  You joyfully meet Nice Nightingale, Obedient Octopus, Peaceful Penguin, Quiet Quail, Responsible Rooster, Sincere Seahorse, Trusting Turtle, United Unicorn, Victorious Victor, Wise Wolf, Excellent Ant, Yes Yak, and Zebra Zeal.  The Paradise offers a life of appreciation, and anointing peace.  Amazing abalone jeweled activities appear in my third book Virtuepops Paradise Animals Activity Book.  Overall, Section Two describes each adorable animal’s treasure box ideas and jewels of wisdom.
THE HOW-TO SECTION THREE  highlights Virtuetime ideas on how to help and improve life for our 50 plus people. Whether a doctor, caregiver, president, janitor, parent, or a simple gardener, we walk the same earth.  No one can stop aging.  Peaceful unity blossoms from reform, and change.  A child says, “Hop and skip to the beat of Virtuepops virtues.”  See through a child’s eyes.  Picture a flower garden, dancing butterflies, a soft waterfall, or a lovely beach.  Seek beauty with an open hand and a loving heart, and you learn to love.  Let the children, and elderly count on you. “Get the engine started” by being a good role model.  Start your day by taking a long stretch, think happy thoughts, and give thanks for what you have.  Daily model virtues.  Repeat before bed.  Happy dreams pop enthusiasm for  Virtuetime meetings, rewards, rules, and ridding negative thoughts.  Section Three motivates one to focus positive thoughts and actions on only living a moral, decent, and virtuous joy filled peaceful life. © All rights reserved.