PARADISE ANIMALS ACTIVITY BOOK—SECTION ONE: A to Z GAMES, POEMS, & QUOTES: Please enjoy the slideshow highlighting a few coloring, tracing, and ABC pages.

Cheerfully cook your responsibility “cookies” in a warm-hearted oven timed with your I Will clock.  Carefully add one full cup of precious promises you will work hard to kindly keep.  There is   no need to carelessly chop up any emotional excuses that may sour and spoil your “cookies.”  Kindly add one pound of dedicated desire to do your whistling work using the best of your   amazing ability.  Lovingly, stir in helpful honor, and fruitful forgiveness, to make things rosy right when you do weedy wrong.  Softly spread your “cookies” with the ideal icing of keepsake   knowledge, of understanding your daily duties.  Joyfully sprinkle your “cookies” with the “I Will and I Can” relishing moral morsels.  Richly relax, and enjoy your “cookies” of ruby jeweled   responsibility as your delightfully delicious reward.  These “cookies” taste blissfully better when specially shared, so SMILE AND SHARE.

 Clean Camel’s Catch Me Some Clean Game
My Catch Me Some Clean Game uses something to catch instead of a ball.  You will be catching clean!  You are going to need some paper and pencils (or pens) to draw lots of circles on.  Once the big, or little, circles are drawn, you think of how many things you have kept clean.  And, also what you do to keep your body clean.  For each clean thought or action, you can draw a star as your reward in one of your circles.  A package of pre-cut stars would be fun to use.  You can play this game alone or with others.  You gain rewards at the end of the week, like your favorite sweet treat, or some little snacks that you normally do not have.  If you are on a restricted diet, then reward yourself with a few extra minutes of your favorite hobby, or breathing in the fresh air outside.  A reward can be as simple as singing a little song, or playing your very favorite music.  Let’s keep that music clean, too!
Let’s try on some clean for size.  Pretend today is Monday, and you are dreading cleaning your home or residence.   Have your circles papers out.  So, when you finish cleaning one particular area, give yourself a big star.  Like the bathroom for instance.  This is simpler for us folks that move around a little slower than others.  Ok, I cleaned the sink and faucets, so there’s one star.  Ok, I cleaned the tub and there’s another star.  You can put as many stars in one day as you can physically and mentally handle.  Now, let’s say it is Tuesday, and it’s time to clean another room, your car, or your work.  Again, each time a cleanly task is completed, give yourself a star.  Continue this throughout your whole week.  Just a little hint I have found to make cleaning more fun.  Play your music a little louder, and dance with the broom a little.  Using a hair brush as a pretend microphone is really cool and creative.
 It is
VERY important to note that there is one area of clean that you should be getting lots of stars for daily tasks.  That is for your physical and mental body and self.  It is always important to brush your teeth (and tongue) after eating, or drinking, other than water.  One should have the facilities to shower or bathe, wash the hair, and be happily squeaky clean.  If you have someone who bathes you, still give yourself a star for helping in any manner.  Like lifting your arm, or offering any way you may be able to help a little.  Sing a little song, or tell a happy story, to someone that is caring for your physical cleanliness.  Then, give yourself a star for bringing joy to that person.  Especially for you thanking that person sincerely, for their safe care of you.
Since Sunday is the last day, you are entitled to count how many circles you have filled with stars, and collect your rewards. Spend loving time with cherished family and/or friends.  Take a deep breath and relax in your favorite easy chair.  Look through your favorite pictures, walk to your favorite spot, and make some wishes on the stars.  Anything that is good and virtuous is considered a reward.  So, your own rewards are going to be a choir of many colors bringing peace, joy, and comfort to your cherished Sundays.  For parents, teachers, caregivers, and/or those responsible for taking care of themselves, it is important to remember to include movies, music, foods, and drinks in mind, to collect shiny stars.  Violent and profane music, and movies, have no home in the virtuous mind.   Excessive junk foods and drinks, and especially alcohol and drugs have no home in the virtuous body.  Keep a colorful calendar of clean, hope for, and take action for a creation of clean.  It all starts with simply YOU!

DEDICATION: I lovingly dedicate this treasured book to all the elderly people in our big wide world that suffer in one way or another. I graciously promise to dedicate my time to protect their human rights, and to take quick action to keep them safe. I dedicate my goals to do my very best to make everyone heartily aware of how gravely important it is to take care of our elderly.  Because, after all, everyone is already on the journey there.  Along the way, beginning at a very young age, all should be taught to respect the aging, and joyfully help in any way to make their life easier.  I welcome you to adopt my dedication.  Dedicated to you: You may be blessed to be a parent/grandparent.  Be ready at all times to talk, speak and act in moral, virtuous loving ways, smile big, laugh like a giggle box, and above all, show love. Your generations will bravely stand up for their virtuous moral beliefs.  Pass on that childlike heart. I look at aging as getting closer to entering the Golden Gates.  Nothing is better than that!  Put that little pep in your pepper, a little shake in your bottle, and sprinkle with laughter.  As we age, the need for material possessions lessen, and the need for physical connections increases. Success, to me, is having that loving hand to hold, and that gentle arm to guide me along my path.  A woman’s work is never done.  Because even as we age, we are still the ring leader in this great circus life of events surrounding our children, our grandchildren, our loved ones and friends.  The greatest show on earth must go on.  Yes, our lives may be a circus, but it’s a happy circus.  Laugh on!  Family is a big circle that holds joy with sadness, laughter with tears, good health with bad health, friendly times with not-so-friendly times, ups and downs, and twists and turns.  The family circle tied with the knots of love, forgiveness, and the desire to be together cannot be broken.

     It’s time to pop some fun my precious reader!  My Activity Plus book is actually pocket friends with my second book “Virtuepops Paradise Animals.”  “Virtuepops Paradise Animals Activity Book” could be titled Book of Games, Poems, Quotes, Coloring Pages, and Tracing/Coloring ABC’s.  It nurtures the need to humbly focus on helping the elderly, starting at a very young age, in fun interactive manners.  To begin with, each virtue Paradise Animal from A to Z has individual games, quotes, and poems, relating to the virtue the animal represents.  Use your table of contents frequently to enlighten your spirit, give joy to your day, and peace to your soul.  For example:  one day you may have the challenge of accepting a circumstance.  Then, play Alligator's game, and/or read poems or quotes from Accepting Alligator.  If you focus too much on the negative, then enjoy the quotes from Blessings Bear.  Count your blessings, instead of troubles, and count your smiles instead of tears.  It is my greatest desire that my games, poems and quotes bring you faith, hope, love, and joy.  I added an ABC section which is good mental exercise for the aging.  We all know that tracing letters aids in the educational arena with children.  Aging adults are also aided in the creative, mind exercise arena.  Lastly, coloring pictures aids in exercising the brain for the aging, too. Blessings of peace and creativity are the focus on beauty and creative fun, instead of some aging that watch TV all day long, or sleep too much.