In this book, I reveal myself as an advocate to prevent child abuse. You will see in my story, what happens to a child that is consistently abused in one way or another.  Child abuse not only entails physical abuse (includes spankings). It also includes the following: emotional abuse (yelling, bullying, or threatening verbally), neglect to give a child proper health care (keeping them clean, encouraging exercise, treating illness, and just plain keeping them healthy), and/or leaving them all alone to care for themselves.  Sexual abuse is often ignored, or not noticed, and can mentally destroy a child for life.  There are so many ways a child can be abused. It may not be as darkly dramatic as Mr. Victor’s story. But emotional trauma will surely explode in the abused one’s life in one horrible way or another.  My book gives one example of the darkness of child abuse, and how it can affect one all their life.  Unless, they get the proper care, healing, and protection they need.  That only comes from compassionate helping hands, united loving hands, and devoted praying hands. I hope my book gives you courage, motivation, and dedication to sound the alarm for help, and support, for all the children in our wide world that suffer from child abuse of any kind. I will always do my best to advocate for anyone, or any organization, that helps stop child abuse in our world. Please join me in my moral mission.

Chapter 1:--Flashbacks—Island Small boy Victar
 They say when one is near death, or experiencing a near death experience, their life flashes before them.  That was exactly what was happening with President Victor Evanston.  Victor saw himself as an   innocent boy of six years old, huddling between the crevices of tall circling rocks, knowing he would not be alive the next day.  He had lived on the island of Cayo Coco, which cradled a secluded tribal people   of no name.  They wore painted animal skins not known to civilized man.  The tribe planned to sacrifice island small boy Victar as an honor to the black flamingos they worshipped.  Victar’s mother and father   loved him very much, and tried to protect him by not allowing him to go outside of their hut after sunset.  They placed animal skin ear covers on his innocent ears to keep disturbing noises from being heard   by their precious son.
Chapter 2:--Flashbacks—Slave Boy Victer
 On the day of big boy’s near escape, he had just served the horrid crew morning food.  When their leader clapped his hands, all the dirty crew stood up, food and drinks flew everywhere, the pirates saluted,   and quietly listened.  The leader announced there was another boat approaching theirs.  Slave boy Victer remembered there would soon be screams of death from the nearing ship.  The weapon rounded crew   had attacked many ships in moons passed.  They killed all passengers and stole their gold, silver, weapons, and supplies.  It was a year before big boy’s tenth birthday mark when he was ordered to kill, and   steal, with WRATH.  Slave boy Victer wished to find a way to escape from this nightmare of killing and stealing.
  Chapter 3:--Flashbacks—Victur, Victur, Maracaibo
 Every day he ate to the point of GLUTTONY.  He stole the other children’s food and hid it in a secret cove near the glorious waterfall.  The cove was over a mile from the peaceful village, and it became his   night time home of sin.  Due to his laziness, his muscles turned to fat, and his body became a SLOTH.  In the several moons that passed, Victur became meaner by the hour.  Victur coaxed many a young girl   to his secret cove with food and shells, then he would turn on her like a deadly snake with fangs of LUST.  His poisonous fangs plunged into her tender innocence, and then beat her on the back so no one   would see the marks.  To keep the girls from telling anyone, each time his evil act was done, he pointed to her neck with a sharp rock like he was going to slice her neck.  He pointed to his lips to signal her to   be quiet or die.  One night he was caught in his vicious act of torching a little girl’s foot.  The people of the nice village took him like a prisoner.  He planned the perfect time to escape from his restricted cage.
Chapter 4:--Flashbacks—Victor, Cuban Prisoner
 Victor was just fifteen years old, when he and nine other big boys were dragged from the prison.  They were boarded into a large green camouflaged truck.  Still in chains, the big boys were not able to escape.   Especially since they were being guarded by big men with big guns. Before leaving the big truck, each big boy was blindfolded, and pulled toward an unknown destination.  Once all the big boys had been   brought aboard a large ship that had bad smells, their blindfolds were taken off.  They were ordered to cook, clean, and doctor injured Cuban soldiers.  The stench of blood was unbearable for Victor.  His   every thinking minute was secretly planning an escape.  Victor thought he was on another pirate ship full of murderers and thieves.  But, he was not on the ship long enough to find out.

 Chapter 124—Paradise Angel, Frances Lina, Speaks Now
The innocent kind-hearted women never dreamed it would only be almost a year later when Miss Angelina’s story could very well become reality.  On the day of the end, Miss Frances was gazing out her bathroom window admiring the beauty of her lovely park.  She was taking a break from her writing, and having most sentimental thoughts.  She recalled when her sons were little, and played with toy action figures. No matter which one it was: He-man, Master of the World, the Kicking Turtles, or the Ranger’s Power, each son would stand up and say, “I have the power!”  Despite their fun imaginations of being heroes, Miss Frances knew that in their hearts, they perfectly understood who had the Greatest Power, and that is Almighty God and all of His glorious kingdom.  She was wishing she could turn back to the time when they were little.  She would have another chance to hold  them close, rock them, and play with them. She cherished each and every moment to spend that kind of quality time with her grandchildren.  As her eyes began to tear up, she noticed the daylight suddenly turned to complete darkness.

 Chapter 84—Uncle Steveo’s Fabulous Fashions for Men and Women
Suddenly, all the runway models froze in their place.  Unicorn humbly stated, “I hope you have enjoyed my stylish fashions.  But, I have to admit they were not my creations.  The person who takes all the credit is Uncle Steveo from Miss Angelina’s book Virtuepops Adventures in Virtueland.  He is the one with the brilliant mind of cool and lovely fashions.  So, I shall tell you the united truth.  Miss Angelina opened a very up-to-date modern fashion store called Uncle Steveo’s Fabulous Fashions for Men and Women.  I think that had something to do with her sentimental thoughts.  Just sayin!  Well, my dear united audience I shall give the stage over to Miss Angelina.  I feel a big unique yawn coming on.”  United Unicorn did make a big yawn, closed his united eyes, and took a little nap.  Yet, his strong handsome stance remained.
Velo asked, “Hey, kids is that a new game?  May I play with you?”  The children giggled, and replied, “Yes, Mr. Velo, you may play with us.  It’s called Virtueopoly, and the game is fantastic to play.  The cards explain about different virtues.  Like faith, hope, love, truth, and many more.  There is little moving figures of all the Virtuepops, and the Paradise Animals. See, have a look.”  Velo was happier than a monkey in a barrel of bananas.  He joined the children in the most wonderful game in the whole wide world.  The image of his cloud filled with happy children, and one most happy dinosaur, froze quietly still. The spotlight was on Miss Frances as she gave great news, “I hope you like my game creation called Virtueopoly.  Velo’s dinosaur play sets, Virtuepops Singing Castle playsets, Boy Pops action figure sets, play houses with girl pops fashion dolls, and more will soon be available to purchase.  I donated Virtueopoly games to your library.  Remember to play fair, be honest, and have fun.  Even if you lose, be a happy loser and congratulate the winner.  That is using the true virtue of victory.”  Yes, there was another standing ovation with hearty claps and cheers.

​CAUTION, AN ADULT SHOULD GUIDE AND SUPERVISE READING. THIS BOOK IS FOR THOSE THAT HAVE, OR IS, EXPERIENCING ABUSE,  FOR THOSE WHO ARE LIVING WITH AN ABUSER, OR FOR TEACHING PURPOSES. Virtuepops Fantasy Creation: The President’s Victor—After the End contains three parts. This book’s entirety is my first fantasy fiction publication. Part One titled President Victor Evanston’s Flashbacks, is actually Part Two from my story titled The President’s Victor, in my second book Virtuepops Paradise Animals N to Z. The story explodes with episodes of a young native boy suffering from mental, physical, and emotional abuse. From the tender age of six, up to young adult age, Victar-Victer-Victur-Victor suffered horrendous abuse. For the rest of his life, he took out his anger, his hurt, and failure to give, or receive, love in terrible unspeakable ways, to thousands of innocent victims. The story unfolds with more dramatic conflict about a woman who suffered from relationships with abusive men. Part One’s insightful tools feature what can happen to a child of any age suffering from child abuse. Part Two is a fantasy version of the Revelation.  Part Three is a story of the ABC’S of Heaven on Earth.  A subtitle to Part Three could be The Never-Ending Cartoons.  But, in honor of Mrs. Victoria, I titled it Valentine’s Fantastic Virtues’ Cartoons.  The answer to the question of “Who dies?” is revealed in Part Four. This book highlights the glory, honor, and delight when Father Virtue sends His son King and Spirit Bird to save the world we call Earth.  Delightful characters from all of my previous books come alive in colorful splendor.  These mystical Heavenly characters interrelate with earthly human beings to bring comfort and happiness. © All rights reserved.