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Chapter 1--Searching

   I, charming Uncle Steveo, had each super cool nephew under my protective arms.  My family and I had really missed spending time with my great nephews, because my dedicated brother, and his beautiful wife, was away for several years.  He had proudly, and courageously, served our country in the United States Coast Guard.  I, Michael and Walker began to settle in quite nicely on that big, comfy couch.  I, excitedly said, “Hey guys!  Are you ready for some cool, quality TV time?”  I curiously began flipping through the channels, and, we decided to vote on the best show.  As my younger brother, brave fireman, (daddy of my two great nephews) would contently say, “That’s Cool.”   My youngest bro (a college student we are very proud of) would super say, “That’s Awesome!” But, a negative check list soon blew in.  My disheartened words began to say, “Nope to this channel, too much bad language.   No sir to this one, too much despicable violence. Oh, no to this naughty channel. Close your little eyes!!   A giant NO to the overload of detective and criminal shows!  So far, Uncle Steveo isn’t having any luck.  Gosh, guys we need more than just ABC’s and colors.”   I told the boys that there was just a bunch of garbage on the TV tube, and there was nothing decent for them to watch.  But, they asked me, excitedly with those adoring faces, to keep searching, and, hopefully, we would find something good and fun.
Chapter 4-- Meet the Virtuepops--Believing B
   Suddenly, there was an echo of popping, like the kind you hear when you put your pointer finger in the side of your mouth, and make popping sounds.   My nephews’ eyes were as big as light bulbs, as they watched me make the pop.  Then, they each, excitedly, gave it a try.  We were drawn back to the sounds from the TV, and the quick rhythm went:  Pop, pop-pop, Pop, pop-pop----Pop Pop!!!  The boys joyfully began clapping their hands to the pops for about three times, and, then, stopped clapping.   We eagerly decided to sit back down, and get cozy, again, on the big comfy couch.  We sat quietly watching, and patiently waiting, to see what would happen next.
Chapter 16--The Singing Castle Work Begins
   Some of the marvelous girl’s prizes were shiny purses and virtuepop doll playthings.  He cheerfully remembered the boys with their cool virtuepop, cars, trucks, and many other modes of transportation.  Another prize was lollipops that looked just like the pops, and tasted so yummy.  He further explained that a prize or reward can be tasty food, like, virtuepops fruit sticks, virtuepops milkshakes or cream, virtuepops juice, virtuepops popcorn or crackers, virtuepop fruit splits, and, lastly, virtuepops cheese sticks.  The last prizes he excitedly mentioned, was character play toys that looked just like each pop, and virtuepop rhyming, coloring and word puzzle books.  Then, everyone agreed to exercise and merrily shouted, “We agree, B, we agree!!”
Chapter 25--The Battle between Good and Evil
   Back in the open spot of land covered with jagged rocks, Persevering Philip and Sharing Stephen were both still sleeping.  Both of their weary bodies were resting against the small brick wall.  Hateful Hal told the rest of his partners in crime that King and spirit bird were on their way to get Philip and Stephen.  Lazy Lobble said, “Don’t look at me; I’m too lazy to fight.”  Then, she plopped down on a flat rock, and started yawning and snoring.  Selfish Susie cackled out in her greedy voice and said, “I can snag that bird with my ropes any ole day.  Let me at him. Gimme, Gimme!!”  Then, Liar Lester cracked in his comment, “Yea, man, I can zap out enough lightning bolts to start a big fire all around us, and King will never get in.”  The dreaded Hateful Hal told his other partners in crime, Rude Raven and Birdy Brag, to fly up over the thorn-filled tree.  He ordered them to keep a strong watch out for King, and to let Hateful Hal know as soon as King was approaching.
Chapter 29--Building the Singing Castle
On each day of work, the virtuepops followed the same time schedule.  They were up at sunrise, gave thanks at each meal, breakfast, lunch and dinner.  They worked so hard that they did not take any time to play.  They were very determined to get the castle done by Friday.  Believing B had done a fantastic job of building the wood castle walls, from trees he had found in the forest.  Sharing Stephen and Persevering Philip had worked their muscles to the bone, carrying all the beautiful stones back and forth.  King and Spirit Bird had made a prior delivery of all kinds of tools to use, and it was amazing that the pops knew just what to do with the tools.  As the castle building was progressing, we could hear a tick, tack, tick, tack from the hammer, a see saw, see saw from the saw, and a stick, stack, stick, stack as the castle frame was being built.
Chapter 36--Patient Peter’s Teaching Park
There were colored signs and virtuepop name tags on each colorful booth.  He walked to the booth that said Patient Peter’s time machine.  The message on the sign said “Travel through history, past, present and future.  Follow safety and time map instructions very carefully, and read time machine instructions manual before operating.”  Peter decided to explore the rest of his spectacular park, first.  He heard trickling, soft water sounds. So, he curiously looked past his eight, silver bell shaped, clock and numbers trees.  At the back of the park were beautiful yellow lilies with tiny, orange, antennas.
Chapter 41--Grandma, Uncle Steveo, Michael and Walker Visit Virtueland
We were having a fun blast, and then grandma said, “Ok, let’s settle back down on the couch, and put our thinking caps on.  We got all comfy on the big, cozy couch, and grandma said, “Now, close your eyes, and think of the virtuepops in Virtueland.”  So, we closed our eyes, and even began holding hands.  All of a sudden, everything was so quiet; we could not hear a thing.  Then, we heard Father and Mother Virtue calling us softly, “Come, we welcome you.  Come to Virtueland and visit us.”   The great circle of diamond drops started circling around our heads, and the next thing we knew, we were all flying through a rainbow of brilliant colors.  We were all still holding hands.  Grandma was in the middle, holding Michael and Walker’s hands, and I was on the outside holding Walker’s other tiny hand.  It was the most awesome feeling to fly, and as I smiled over at my mama, I noticed she had golden wings.  Michael and Walker had golden wings, too.  And, so did I!
Chapter 43--Stories Told Around the Big Red Picnic Table
Grandma told many stories while we ate our delicious meal.  They were stories of babies, children, family and people growing old.  She also explained that we call our land Mother Earth.  My nephews told stories of toys, pets and school.  I told stories about the foods we ate, our weather, and all the work we do in our land.  The virtuepops really liked all the modes of transportation we had, and my computer technology story.  The pops were so amazed.  Patient Peter stood up and said, “The stories that you tell ring my bell.”  Peter’s bell started ringing, and he was making those silly, funny faces again. Once Patient Peter’s bell stopped ringing, he continued, “There is a very big connection between Virtueland, and your land of Mother Earth.  We teach about most of your stories in our teaching parks, and as you would say, Grandma, we are very professional and educational.  Oh, and yes, we make it happy and fun, too.  Grandma, you said you want to bring the virtuous way of living back to Mother Earth, and teach the virtues to others.  Pops, aren’t you proud of grandma and her family?”   The virtuepops gave us a big round of applause and cheers.  There was great peace and harmony felt between us all.   We would always cherish the stories, and have great memories of our harmonious story-telling around the big, red picnic table.     
Chapter 44 --Truthful Therese’s Poetry Book Idea
Grandma sweetly asked, “Could it be love?”  Then, everyone started talking at once.  That is, everyone except for Loving Lucy and Sharing Stephen, who sat quietly looking at each other, in a way the pops had never seen before.    After we finished telling our stories of both our wonderful lands, Truthful Therese graciously stood up, and announced, “I truly believe it is important that I write these wondrous stories down.  We will write a charming and outstanding rhyming book called “Virtuepops Poetry From Stories Around the Big Red Picnic Table.” 
Chapter 49--Gifts of Flight
The next four birds on the other four perches were colorful peacocks with very large wings.  At the tip of each wing were diamond drops that sparkled in the sunlight.  King told the girl virtuepops to climb the steps, and climb aboard their peacock birds of flight.  So, Loving Lucy, Respectful Ruth, Humble Helena, and Truthful Therese climbed up the steps, and bounced on their peacock birds.  Each one rubbed the neck of their bird, and then gave the birds a great big hug.  They shouted in unison, "Thank you, King for our beautiful birds."
Chapter 49 --Gifts of Flight
Elizabeth Eagle soared with great wings open, and quietly landed at the foot of the rainbow colored steps.  She lowered her beautiful body to the ground, opened her marvelous wings, and kindly spoke, “Climb aboard, my dear friends of Mother Earth."