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M        Musical snow globes (giraffe), Michael Walker’s Family of Musical Instruments Galore (play guitars, drums, etc.)
N         Nightlights (lamb),
O         Obedient virtue messages on clothing (Octopus)
P          Puzzles, Play money (Stephen)
Q         Quail’s Quiet Quilts & More:  (quilts, comforters, sheet sets, blankets, cushions, matching curtains.  Glow in the dark stars, moons, & suns for bedrooms)  Ch. 80
R         Roosters Fantastic Swim, Swing, and Play Store: (small to big swimming pools, swimming gear, and floats; small to gigantic size outdoor swing sets and jungle gyms)
S          Virtuepops Slip and Slides Winter Wonders: (motorized sled, skis)  Summer Wonders: (slip & slides, pools, swimming gear & goggles (ch79 Penguins)   Statues of Sincerity (ch.82)
T         TOYS LIST;  Spinning Tops, Pinwheels (Hippo), Frisbees (glow in dark Kangaroos), musical instruments, balls of all kinds,  Yes Yak’s Yoyos, ; xylophones,  Father’s Flying Stars, King’s Kites, Spirit’s Tunes, Mother’s Melodies, Trinity Talking toys, Teddy Bear Technology, and Trinity Telescopes, interactive stuffed animals, dress-up dolls, coloring, rhyming, picture, and puzzle books,  When someone purchases one of her delightful products, they receive either a silver bucket of popcorn, cheese and butter sticks, fruit sticks, or a giant rainbow colored lollipop.
U         Unique clothing by Uncle Steveo (see clothing)
V         Virtuepops playing cards (ch.67 Philip);  Virtuepops Video Victory Box & Video Games (ch. 68); Virtueopoly(teaches virtues Ch.85)
W        Walkie Talkies
X         xylophones(see toys)
Y         Yes Yak’s Yoyos & More: (mini puzzles, travel games, small plastic character play figures, mini phones,)
Z          Zebra Zeal’s Stuffed Animals Plus:  (pops and the other characters’ stuffed toys)


   Life is much better served with a sense of good humor. While writing my author page, to keep my anxiety level down, I take a needed break and search for laughter. On this snow-covered day, I remember what my youngest son once told me, “Laughter is the best medicine.” Once upon a time, his funny stories helped me through an unfortunate anxiety attack. His loving virtue of empathy for me has so kindly gifted me over my lifetime. I credit it to the virtue of faith, aka to believe. As quiet as his nature, I feel he believes as I do: in faith, love, kindness, patience, and many other virtues. In his case, you don’t have to talk a lot to share the wonderful world of virtues with someone you love. When he reads my author bio, I can almost hear him chuckle, “In your case, mom, you do talk a lot.” I guess that is pretty self-evident in all my writings. I carry great faith that my wonderful son, alongside his pretty wife, will happily succeed in his missions. Success will accompany sufferings and trials, in some form. Amidst daily trials, remember to pop in some time to relax, breathe in peace, and picture love. When I become too seriously consumed with my writings, and life’s daily challenges, I simply laugh at myself. It works!! I just tested the theory again! I wear the necklace of prayerful faith that even in my son’s most difficult moments, there will be some way, some thing, or someone that awakens his laughter. À votre santé to you, B!! Attention my dear readers. A HINT is popping. My middle son shares a name with one of my boy Virtuepops. Curious on who it is?
   On this chilly wintry morning, my middle son, loving husband and dedicated daddy to five, told me that he had only two semesters to get his bachelor’s degree.
WOW! That awesome news warmed me up. He heard me chuckle as I said, “I can so relate, son. I understand what you are going through. Remember, I’ve been there.” Dear readers, being able to adorn the virtue of empathy is simply to understand, to relate to others, and share compassion. I truly hope that you can relate to, and understand, my books. Remember, in the embryo of empathy is positive growth. My empathy for my son reminded me of how I, a single mother, went back to college, and operated a part time daycare. I finally graduated six years later, with my bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education. I have always told anyone wanting to improve their education, and their life, to never give up! Over my lifetime, my son’s loving words embracing the virtue of perseverance has so kindly gifted me, with comforting words that I can do it, and to not give up. So, dear readers I say to you, “Don’t ever give up on standing up for what is good, moral, decent, valuable, and virtuous. Pray for strength, guidance, and the thirst for positive change. Pray for patience, love, and the hunger to learn what is best for you, and others. Pray for what you may be think is impossible. For nothing is goodly impossible, when velvet virtues take the royal ropes. I wear the necklace of prayerful faith that my courageous son will also never give up on standing up for what is good, moral decent, valuable, and virtuous. And, he will divinely succeed in all he does, even amidst his trials. Trials that I pray are mixed with laughter, peace, and love. Sláinte to you, Philly!! My readers, do you want another HINT? My middle son shares a name with one of my boy Virtuepops. Curious on who it is?
   A sunshiny couple of weeks ago, my oldest son thrilled me with a super surprise. He invited to go with him, his wife, and his two adorable sons, to an awesome basketball game, with all the pre-festivities, food, fun, and laughter.
Boy, he is the king of sharing. His devotion to sharing with me has so kindly gifted me over my lifetime. I credit it to the virtue of charity, aka love. Sharing is charity when done in good manner, and gifted with kindness, thoughtfulness, and love. I am trying my best to share with you, and our world, all the magnificent virtues, values, and morals that I have shared with my family and my friends. If you enjoy what I have to offer, please joyfully share with others. Charity is not all about giving money. It cycles alongside giving time, giving shelter, giving food, and giving moral love. It mixes with the joy in happily serving. Its values are served with kindness that even a simple smile, or a simple phone call, will make a positive difference in someone’s day. There are many languages in our big wide world, but, a sincere smile speaks to all. Anything that you say or do that is good, worthy, or noble, is an honorable act of charity. I wear the necklace of prayerful faith, that my son’s charitable heart will always offer sunshine on a cloudy day. Will your heart do the same? I believe that even in the midst of my son’s trials, and sufferings, from his fruitful labors, he will share his goodness blended with love, sincerity, and a friendly smile. Salud to you, Stephen. My readers, do you want another HINT? My oldest son shares a name with one of my boy Virtuepops. Curious on who it is?

   The gifted art of charity has roots well defined in my family tree. At a tender age of three, I remember watching my kind Irish grandfather share his crops and gardens of wealth with those less fortunate. I listened attentively to my sweet Indian grandmother, as she read from her Holy Bible, and passed on the nurturing virtues for a life worth living. I lost my jolly song-singing father at a very young age. My courageous precious mama carried we three siblings to a northern state where we were blessed with a kind generous stepfather, whom I call Pops to this day. Being the oldest of five, I proudly say we were raised to share, and to welcome others into the fabulous folds of our family. I’ve loved uncles, aunts, brothers, and sisters who were not blood-related. But, were called family. My point in sharing my sentimental family stories is not to boast about my blessings, both past and present. My precious point is to invite you to be a part of my virtue’s family. You see, a loving family blankets a person’s need for love. No one on this earth should be alone. I heavenly wish that my books give you the Fatherly fabric of family that you need. If you are alone, sew someone new into your life. Mend your broken heart of loneliness with colorful threads of new relationships. Put on a smile, and open your marvelous minds to making a positive difference in our rush about society. Wear the wise, and wonderful, wardrobe of velvet virtues. Laughter, smiles, hugs, kisses, and lots of love is what cycles in our family blender. Would you like to blend with us?


  It is my most wonderful wish that my wealth-of-wisdom website is the super salad that tosses you up a new perspective regarding education and entertainment. May you see how when they both deliciously blend moral quality, virtue is reborn as the dish best served to our love-hungry world. As you learn about the velvet virtues, may your appetites be nicely nourished with good-old fashioned morals and values. As I stood in my humble kitchen gazing at the soft glow of the candle, I, a 60 plus golden years mama/grandma, birthed new strength, proud perseverance, glorious guidance, and renewed inspiration. Yet, minutes before my gifts were noticed, I felt weak and hopeless. I thought that, by now, the fruits of my bountiful books would be flourishing the golden gardens of our big wide world. But, the roots of my tall trees did not receive the life-saving waters of success that I had hoped for. You see, for the last nine years, I had devotedly worked on a huge mirage of marketing, and promoting, my first five of the eight book series. I plowed the fields of agents, tilled the soils of sponsorship proposals, and fertilized the unending crops of social media. Yet, to this day, not one POP in my popcorn pan of dreams had burst with buttery attention. My books had no purchases, (but my own), no likes or loves, or teeny tiny attention from my social media outlets. Even after all my endless trials, slavery to my mission, and captive in wonderful world fantasy, my mind kept trying to creep into the dark caves where failure lives. Can you relate to my feelings and mission?

  Love is my attention getter, and I thrive upon its waters. Yet, on this cloudy cold wintry day, I believed, for a brief moment, my hopes froze. For years, I had spent hard, but joy-filled, efforts building a 32 page beautiful website with detailed valuable information, and fantastically illustrated characters. A worthy website that
exploded with knowledge on how to make our educational, and entertainment, arenas the best mighty marvels since TV. My thirst for positive change, and my hunger for happiness, well-being, and love for others IS my purpose on our home we call Earth. My family lovingly jokes around with me about repeating the same stories over and over. Like my stories, I want my writings to peat and repeat throughout history as being the #1 virtue books in historical classical literature. I continued to pull the heartstrings of my purpose with every beat of my marketing drums. Yes, today, January 22, 2019, in this tiny twinkle of time, the facts that my books had not fed our hungry world with favorable fruits hit me hard. I almost allowed the lightning of fear to strike me with false evidence appearing real. But I chose to relax my weary mind. I softly breathed in the light-filled heralds of happy hope, and regained my confidence. My rainbow array of bountiful books teaches how to free ourselves, and others, from fear and bad behavior. Simply by choosing to learn, to teach, and to share the life-saving virtues. Today, despite the trials, and challenges of creating a new website, my hope is reborn. I didn’t give up then. And, I’m not giving up now.

  In creating a new website, I hope that my author page turns out to be my hardest thing done first: talking about me, your author. I didn’t want it to be “About Me.” I wanted the victorious virtues to be “What It’s All About.” I chose a pen name for more than personal reasons. I don’t want to be famous. I want the venerable virtues to be famous. I want the Valentine virtues to be the vines that hold we earthly human beings together: peacefully. Please join my Virtuepops family in our charismatic crusade of blossoming blessings. My custom signature is
Blessings, Frances Angelina. Why? Because, I want you to be divinely blessed. Why did I choose Frances? Well, to raise your curiosity, and peek some mystery, I kindly say, “You will have to wait until Book 6 & Book 7 (of the 8-book series). Who did what to represent who? When? Where? Why? All shall be radiantly revealed in Virtuepops Creation. Some of my most divine inspirations are unveiled in my last three books in the Virtuepops’ series. Its rainbow wrapped colors will radiantly reveal the most exciting, mind-blowing, spirit-moving, and revelation-wrapped mystery. It will be a 4th of July fireworks celebration when those books are finished, published, and wrapped around your hearts. In all my books, you get a pretty peek at my playful fun-loving personality mirrored with one big sentimental heart. The name Angelina is wrapped around my heart with pretty pink bows. If I had borne a little girl, I would have named her Angelina, and called her my Angel. I was blessed with three fabulous sons whom I know are my angels. The tapestry of time wove us all together so beautifully. I wish the tapestry of time weaves me the perfect new website. Once upon a snowy winter’s day memory, time happily hugged me with the radiant revelation of writing.

  It happened upon a time
back in 2009, when my lifetime appetite for positive change was seasoned, with a snowman blessing. One can experience the tasty morsels of how it all began, on the opening page of my heroic high fantasy story in my first delicious book, Virtuepops Adventures in Virtueland. The sweet aroma of writing, and illustrating, consumed my passions when I first lifted that colored pencil, and began sketching my cute educational Virtuepops’ characters. I savor the fragrant moments that followed. I began writing my self-help how-to books that advocate for positive educational, and entertainment, reform. With a happy head full of virtue dreams, a hopeful heart full of moral wonder, and humble hands that desire to shape our world with visions of value, I began my merry mission. I promise I uniquely offer what no one else ever has—a favorable fountain of virtues that shower our vast school systems, and our dynamic entertainment systems, with positive life-changing morals, values, and virtues. I have been patiently, and lovingly, walking alongside precious children for the majority of my long life, and carry the bouquet of being a dedicated, children’s advocate. First, I carried temperance in dutifully helping take care of my cherished younger siblings, and properly raising my endearing children, (mostly on my own). Secondly, I happily shared my assets and skills when I operated a safe in-home daycare, and worked as a caring dedicated, and respected teacher in education. I thank my positive reward system (pops in my books) in charmingly handling discipline. I believe that anyone can apply my teaching methods to make a positive difference in the life of a child. And, at ANY AGE.

  I also carry the bouquet that blossoms a loyal
advocate for the mental, physical, emotional, and financial welfare of our aging, and elderly. I have, and still do, perfume my time to protect their human rights, and to take quick action to keep them safe. I sprinkled my visits to nursing homes from second grade on, to give caring company and happy smiles. I joyfully volunteered at our local center for the elderly, where I hope my fruitful zeal and zest for life, positively stirred their hearts and minds. I twinkled my children’s devotions with the importance of visiting our nursing homes, and remembering those elderly and alone. I shone as a personal assistant for a dear high school friend who suffered with mental illness. For over 10 years, we shared the same protective roof. I did my #1 best to nurture, and care, for her. She loved playing games, reading, coloring, tracing, and listening to my stories, poems, and quotes. When given the bouquet of opportunity, these simple activities can keep one’s cherished mind, and thinking, alive and stronger. I still contact all levels of government to protect, not only the aging, but everyone’s retirement future, and more. I try to make it fabulously fun for you to faithfully exercise your precious mind! Try it! Adorn your thinking caps, and gear up your creative gloves. Test your skills in one of the most important values of life you will learn. My quote for education and work in this life is: “I work hard, I teach harder, and I love hardest.” My quote for life is, “Be not afraid.” Many a time, I’ve incensed the hearts, and minds, of my family and friends with that little quote coated with joy.

  I was told that my author page is the most important part of my website. It is here where my intellectual mind calmed its quarters, and allowed my sentimental heart to speak.
Peeks of my rainbow personality is evident in my books. This author bio I created, has been the most personal insights I have ever shared publicly. This may be the ending to my author bio here. But it is just the beginning of yet another story I will write. It seems like I’ve spent almost my entire life dreaming about my out-of-this world smiling soulmate. I never gave up on that dream. I chose to write about it. Maybe, just maybe, someday I will write my first romantic comedy novel tenderly titled:  Eternally after Cinderlina story. To serve the last slice of my rainbow-colored author bio, I will relate to the song titled, “If.” By the way, I almost forgot to say: Every story I’ve ever written has its own chapter and theme songs. I can say my stories are all dressed for Hollywood. If I were financially rich, I would give a happy meal to every child on earth. I have been dreaming of owning the biggest rehabilitation facility in our United States of America. My oldest son, Uncle Steveo, in Virtuepops Adventures in Virtueland, shared that dream with me way back when our town historical high school was closed. Anyone that reads my books will see what would happen if I were rich. My hoped-for future Virtuepops’ A to Z entities would employ millions of peoples. Check those A to Z entities out in “My A to Z Dreams” section here on my author bio page. They are the spirits which engrave on my writing soul. Please join our Virtuepops’ family, and help me make morals, values, and virtues the heart of education, and entertainment. I just hope my aging body, and childlike mind, can complete what was placed upon my heart many years ago.  I FEEL A LITTLE P.S. IS NEEDED HERE: I'VE CONDENSED, EDITED, & REBUILT MY WEBSITE FROM 32 PAGES TO 10 PAGES. YIPPY SKIPPY!!!